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  1. 1. Novices need to know that cats are pure carnivorous animals, so cat food should choose no grain and high meat content. It is best to be regular high -quality cat food with fresh meat food to avoid poisonous cat food caused by cats' malnutrition or even kidney, pancreas, etc. Diseases. It is recommended that Aiken takes cat food, longing for the same factory production. Fresh meat food contains 75%of the amount of meat. It can be comparable to the desire of the food, and it is friendly to the cat's stomach and is not easy to be soft.
    2, two cats are prepared for two, one pretended to be water, one pretending to eat. Person materials should be selected from stainless steel, ceramic or glass food basin. Do not choose plastic pots to hide dirt and dirt to breed bacteria.
    3, Cat sands choose small dust and tasteless. It is recommended to mix sand from the tofu, which can be used for easy use from the toilet. Cat sand pots should choose to be larger than cats. If it is not convenient to go to the toilet, it will refuse to use cat litter to pull up the urine.
    4. Wash and disinfect the cat's bowl of water and bowls every day to avoid breeding bacteria and causing cats to make a black chin. Disinfection of cat nests and living environment every day can effectively avoid skin diseases such as cat infection.

    5, combing the cats every day, which helps reduce the cat hair that falls off in the room, prevent cat hair balls, and promote the health of cat hair.
    6. You can plant some cats to prevent cats to prevent hair balls, which is more affordable and natural and healthy.
    7. Prepare some cat toys to avoid the furniture at home. Secondly, let the cats play every day to avoid obesity.
    8. It is necessary to develop a good habit of regular quantitative quantity, less meal, and more meals, which is conducive to gastrointestinal health. According to different stages of cat growth and weight, refer to cat food packaging suggestions to feed the amount. Do not eat too much salty diet, do not feed the cats leftovers leftovers.
    9. Regular cat's vaccine and insect repellent and epidemic prevention work. Recommend internal medicine to worship, foreign medicine blessings, newly adopted cats should not take a bath before the three -pin vaccine is injected (immune force is not complete) , Avoid other diseases from cold and colds.

  2. Raising oranges to get some experience 咪 Cats must prepare cat litter pots before they get home. It is best to choose the original tofu cat litter

     饭 养 养 Suggested ceramics, a bowl of food, a bowl of water, full food, full Drink enough

     Cat grabbing the board, my oranges like to use the foam plate that I flutter to grind the paws. Orange likes to sleep pillows, so the cat's nest has not been used

     cat food. Since raising oranges, it is a cat -grained beef. I personally think it is good. For six months, there is no phenomenon such as vomiting, dilute, soft stools, and no tear marks

     comb. I use a needle comb.
    , my orange has no resistance to the funny cat stick, and it will chase you. It is so cute, and my oranges play toys. n
    苗 Vaccine, everyone must be full after taking the cat. My oranges are negligible. The vaccine has not been fully detected and the cat cup is later found. Now the active treatment is fast. Fortunately Otherwise, I want to cry to death

     I have always bought the big pet, which is trustworthy

     bathing for the first time, the shit of the cat bathing for the first time will not be shoved. Officials can take it to the pet shop to learn it

      I will call oranges every day to get the name countless times. As a result, I will run up by myself when I call it. Get up and up

  3. If you want to raise orange cats, you can regularly drive him insects, and then give him a lot of delicious things, because the orange cat grows faster.

  4. Don't buy wooden boards with similar colors, you may be contrasting, you can't find your own cat. You can buy other colors of wooden boards that can decorate some toys and let cats play. Entertainment.

  5. It is easier to raise orange cats. You can first understand the various living habits of the orange cat. Pay attention to some of his food and his environment.

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