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  1. After being upgraded to QQ members, there is an extraordinary authority. For example, the membership level of the editor can create 1,000 QQ groups. Do you want to know how to create your own 1,000 people? Let me share with you how Tencent QQ creates 1,000 people's QQ groups.

    Tools/raw materials
    The qualifications to create 1,000 people qq group
    The method/step
    1 Login QQ Select [Group/Discussion Group]- Select [Creation] and select [Create Group].

    In steps to read. 2 Select group classification, where the editor selects industry communication.

    In steps to read. 3 Fill in group information. You should select a place on the map and fill in the other on the picture.

    In steps to read .4 Invite members of the group, choose a friend of the new group in the [Friends List] on the left, press [Add>] to the members on the right, and finally [complete the creation of creation ..

    In steps to read .5 perfect group information, including group introduction and keywords, and tourists' access permissions for groups, and finally [Save].

    It steps to read .6 Verification effect. In the [Group/Discussion Group], there is already an additional 1,000 QQ group, which is completed.

    In steps to read.

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