4 thoughts on “The catering industry is always recruiting all year round. Why?”

  1. The catering industry is always recruiting all year round. Why?
    1. Many restaurants recruit soldiers all year round and complained that people are difficult to stay now. In fact, most of the reasons lies in yourself. Many bosses are unwilling to give employees a high salary. They always feel that you don't want to do it. Some people are willing to do it. Everyone paid. Why do I give more? On the surface, this controls the cost of personnel, but there are actually many invisible losses. In addition to the reduction of employees, many young people are unwilling to accept restricted jobs and choose more free occupations. The catering company is also willing to train recruitment young waiters, but many people jumped in less than a year and were dissatisfied with income. For the lack of hotels or hotels, the lack of people in the catering industry is common.

    2. In order to cope with the adverse effects of lack of people, companies are also trying to retain people. In addition, many old employees have fixed customers, and many customers come to find people. This is very common in human society in China. Once the old employee leaves, some customers feel that they will not come, and they will not come, and some will even be taken away by the old employees. If you give a few hundred less, you can see that you save a few hundred, but the indirect losses caused by the increase of employees are rare. Therefore, instead of paying attention to how to recruit people, it is better to think about how to retain people, so that the employee's departure rate can be reduced. But it should be noted that we say that keeping people is not to stay in the place, because some people just meet with Pingshui.

    3. If we treat them as diligent employees, we will only drive away employees in disguise. The waiter is a very important job and position, and it is indispensable for the development of the social service industry. This also requires the service industry to further strengthen the ability to absorb employment. Why do people want to be a waiter in Haidilao? Because they can not only make money in this job, but also have a sense of career belonging, development prospects, and more training opportunities. In addition to improving treatment and environment, we must also consider the professional needs of new generation workers. "Their demand for work is no longer just life." He said that when the service staff can get the due treatment, their work can reflect the due labor value, and their legitimate rights and interests can be guaranteed. The work gap may be reduced.

  2. Because the work of catering is very tired, the general young people feel that there is no technical content in this job, and they can not learn any skills. They will not last long, and the old ladies and grandpa are older. It ’s not long, so the catering industry always recruits workers all year round.

  3. Because the workload of the catering industry is relatively large, and there will be a lot of pressure on the New Year's Day, this industry will always recruit more employees.

  4. Because the staff in these industries is very liquid and the demand for workers is relatively large, they will recruit workers all year round.

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