What are the problems that trouble men

In the sex life of a couple, being brave and great at fighting is every man's dream, but it is also every woman's requirement of her man. But in this sexual atmosphere, a man's durability has become the biggest issue. ​Numerous men climax at the beginning of foreplay and then they don't get better, therefore many women complain that their men lack the ability to satisfy themselves.

Premature ejaculation is a disease

However, very few people really suffer from premature ejaculation. Don't put a premature ejaculation label on yourself, this will increase psychological stress.

Experts agree that there is no universal definition of premature ejaculation. In general, doctors call sexual intercourse less than one minute (timed from the time it enters the vagina) premature ejaculation. In fact, in fact, very few people truly suffer from premature ejaculation. Among the patients treated by male doctors, only less than 1 person thought their premature ejaculation was true premature ejaculation. Most of them were dissatisfied with their premature ejaculation and did not meet the diagnostic criteria of premature ejaculation. Here we have a sez doll.

Problems that trouble men

1, constantly having sex is too short, every time is not sufficient or even trigger.

2. Intercourse used to be lengthy, but it has been shortened recently.

3. Every time a wife doesn't feel or be interested in ejaculation, a woman has a tough time achieving orgasm.

Experts point out that the length of time a man has sex is closely related to mood, environment, age, physical fitness and sexual experience. The two sides' cooperation can be attributed to more than their weaknesses and concerns. For example, first sexual intercourse and prolonged separation frequently result in ejaculation. After a period of adjustment, these coitus times can be extended without the constant fear of failing again.

Although most people do not meet the diagnostic criteria for premature ejaculation, they can still treat premature ejaculation to prolong intercourse in men. Dr. Yang Huai mentioned that psychogenic therapy, behavioral therapy, negative pressure therapy and drug therapy can be used. Men can use lucy doll sex.

Psychological factors treatment: Experts talk and teach sex to allay concerns. This is because most premature ejaculation is caused by psychological reasons. If only they would dispel their fears, the situation would improve considerably.

Behavioral therapy: Sexy focused training

Negative pressure suction treatment: the use of special instruments, make the penis erection 10 ~ 30 minutes penis 30 minutes, reduce local sensitivity, prolong the time of intercourse. Negative pressure suction therapy is normally performed 10 times a day. This method has quick effects and few side effects, but there are about 15 kinds of people who are not satisfied.

Medication: Although there are no medications specifically designed to prolong sexual intercourse in men to date, doctors mostly use antidepressants to prolong sexual intercourse in men, such as Zoloft, Prozac, Mesolium and other drugs used to treat depression or anxiety, which are commonly prescribed by male doctors to prolong sexual intercourse in patients. The mechanism by which antidepressants prolong intercourse is still unclear, Yang said, but the clinical effect is extremely accurate and is the best treatment of the above methods.

The sexy concentration training method is introduced

In the 1970s, the American authority of contemporary sexology, gynecologist Masters and psychologist Johnson created the sexy centralized training method, which is commonly divided into the following four steps:

Step 1: Sexual identity and anxiety relief (3) ~ 5 days

The doctor provided detailed information on sexual anatomy, physiology and psychology, focusing on the characteristics of the male and female response cycles, different ways of sexual expression and how to arouse sexual arousal. At the same time, encourage them to discuss sexual issues to get additional agreement. At this stage, couples should live apart and refrain from intercourse to eliminate anxiety about sexual activity.

Step 2: Physical and Emotional communication of non-sexual organs (3) ~ 5 days)

After the previous step is complete, the couple should lie naked together and kiss, hug and touch all over, but be careful not to touch the breasts and sex organs. Although there is usually sexual excitement at this stage, we cannot have sex. We should focus on experiencing pleasure throughout the body. During the last 12 days of this step, you can begin to touch the breast, but still do not touch the sex organs.

Step 3: Application of genital touch and masturbation techniques (2) ~ 3 days)

Based on the activities of the previous step, both partners should find the optimal sexual stimulation of their own sexual organs. At this stage, we should still not have sex, but instead try to experience physical and mental pleasure during the operation, and gradually focus the sensuality on the sexual organs.

Step 4: Treat sexual activity (4 to 5 days)

After the above three steps are completed, you can have intercourse according to different sexual dysfunction. When the male penis is stimulated and about to ejaculate, the female places her thumb on the frenulum and her index and middle fingers above and below the coronal groove on the different side of the penis. Squeeze from front to back for 4 seconds, then suddenly release. Women should be careful to use their abdominals instead of their nails, and the direction of pressure should not be from one side to the other. Repeat multiple times, then have sex.

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