4 thoughts on “Where is the future of fast -moving consumer goods salesmen?”

  1. I have also been a fast -moving consumer goods salesman and have been confused for nearly 10 years. Personally suggest that if you love fast -moving product marketing, it is best to learn more about marketing knowledge. First of all, you have the theoretical framework. It is best to go to school to read a business school MBA. The next way out is to go to the marketing consulting company. You will find that the consulting company can learn from the past 10 years (a bit exaggerated, but 5 years is definitely worth it). At this time, you have 2 more you have another Out of the way, one is to continue to consult, do it for a lifetime, and become an expert in the field. The other way is to make a few years of consultation. You have a certain level, and then go to the enterprise as an executive.
    The above is my view of the fast -moving consumer goods salesperson, and I am also following this road long march. Essence Essence

  2. Honor your ability to resist pressure, communication, and management ability in busy work. Through some experience accumulation, it has become a supervisor, manager and other management. In your income, your sense of success is accumulated a little bit.

  3. If you ask this, I believe many masters will not answer.
    Since every industry does it, there must be his future. I have been doing it for 6 years, and I have to talk about making money. I can only say that it is okay.
    It about the future, I can only say one step to the sky. Anyway, there are a lot of mystery in it, and you must realize it slowly!

  4. Simply put, the business manager is the fastest. If you are already familiar with it, please choose the regional manager's work surface.

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