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  1. The job prospects for surveying and mapping are very good, especially for boys, and the supply is in short supply. Just like the two -year tone in the previous two years, about 80%of the measured personnel nationwide are used to see how you plan to study after graduation. If you want to study, it is recommended that Wuhan University is recommended Or the Chinese Academy of Sciences Geographical Institute, the Institute of Remote Sensing, and so on. Moreover, GIS is now more popular. You can check Webgis online. It is recommended to learn the basics of measurement and measurement when going to school, because no matter which direction you will develop in the future, you can develop in the future. These two are the foundations. When studying, you must figure out each coordinate system! In addition, there will be related courses of GPS. It is recommended that this should also be studied well. If you work after graduation The more widely comes, the static and simple, but the static data must be solved, and the dynamic RTK must be proficient. Secondly, there is a CASS software must be proficient. ! When you master what I said, you can graduate and make money, but if you want to make light, you will not be enough! Come on, do not deserted college, as a advice from the surveying and mapping person!
    Another In the future, the surveying and mapping will change to the direction of geographical information, which is the direction of the software. After all, do not have any culture to measure foreign industry. It's right.
    The employment prospects for surveying and mapping engineering, salary situation
    The measurement and mapping is an auxiliary industry, but the engineering category is inseparable from surveying and mapping. The development is quite promising.
    Mo how much you can make your qualifications, the benefits of your unit you enter, and your personal ability. The unit is best to enter the public institution. The design institute is stable; the state -owned enterprises of China Railway are too rushing, which is originally a hard industry.
    If undergraduate graduation, if you enter a design institute, surveying and mapping, it is relatively stable. He usually goes out for more than 10 days of foreign industry. It is normal for 4 or 5,000 a month.
    It state -owned enterprises, the foreign industry is out of the day. After several months of out, the salary is 3 or 4,000. It is relatively stable to go to work and mining, but it is generally a suburban or deserted. , 5K, the specialty can be almost.
    For example, a master's degree, 985 college, the work unit is the Provincial Institute of Surveying and Mapping, with a monthly salary of more than 1w, an outdoor operation of about 20 days a month, and a monthly rest of the unit for about 10 days.
    of course, the above is just a general situation. The actual situation is closely related to the academic qualifications, the school, unit, and ability of graduation, and the salary cannot be said. The surveying mapping is quite promising and scarce. If you can endure hardships, it is still a good industry, and it can be considered more profitable.
    The qualification examination required for the development of surveying and mapping technicians-registered surveying and mapping test.

  2. Employment prospects for surveying and mapping engineering

    The entering the new century, as the information revolution deepen, people urgently need to be more convenient, fast, accurate, and real -time to obtain global information. There will be huge development prospects. At the same time, the geographical information system GIS will also be fully developed. It will truly realize the geographical information management model of "what you see is". These will promote the industrialization of surveying and mapping engineering. The surveying and mapping engineering will definitely become a high -tech, high -income occupation. The prospects will be optimistic. In general, graduates of surveying and mapping engineering have a wide range of optional scope of work, and work is also better. Moreover, due to the formation and popularity of the surveying and mapping industry, related professional and technical talents continue to be popular, graduates can completely employment and find ideal jobs. Of course, there is a premise: you have to be a piece of material, you have to master strong knowledge and skills.

  3. The new generation of young people's employment concepts are more diversified, and income may not be a key factor in choosing a job. Their career selection with a distinctive group label: personalized, pursuing experience, interest -oriented, and working with like -minded people
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