3 thoughts on “Which provinces and cities in China are the main places for making boilers”

  1. The most A -level boiler factory is Heilongjiang, of which Harbin is the most. Harbin Boiler Factory Co., Ltd., the largest boiler factory in Asia, is in Heilongjiang. Heilongjiang's A boiler factory also includes Hongguang Boiler Factory, Unity Boiler Factory, Shuangyashan Boiler Factory, Hongqi Boiler Factory, Mudanjiang Boiler Factory, Qiqihar Boiler Plant, etc. There are also many manufacturers representing Shanghai Industrial Boilers such as Shanghai Industry and Shanghai Sifang. Jinan, Shandong, Tianshan, Xinjiang, and Jinzhou, Liaoning have all drove the local boiler industry. In short, the boiler industry is more concentrated in the northeast.

  2. Heilongjiang Harbin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Liaoning and other provinces have more boiler manufacturing plants.

  3. Wuhan (Wudi), Harbin (Harbin), Shenyang (Shenyang Industrial Boiler Plant), Hangzhou (Hangzhou Pot), Shanghai (Shanghai Pot), Sichuan (Oriental Boiler Factory), Beijing (Beijing Boiler Factory), almost this is the case. There are some others, but there are some gaps above, for reference.

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