What is going on at the high -rise scaffolding of the high -rise scaffolding of Guangdong Heyuan 1 on the construction site?

5 thoughts on “What is going on at the high -rise scaffolding of the high -rise scaffolding of Guangdong Heyuan 1 on the construction site?”

  1. On a construction site in Mabugang Town, Longchuan County, Heyuan City, Guangdong Province, high -rise scaffolds collapsed, causing 8 migrant workers to fall from high altitude. Once the matter happened, it immediately attached great importance to it, and the municipal government immediately mobilized public security, fire protection and 120 site rescue. According to the treatment of medical staff on the spot, 6 people died on the spot, and two other people were injured. The rescue was invalid and killed, and 1 person was injured.
    The causes of falling are still under investigation, but why are there such security accidents in the construction site? It is not just one time for such a security accident, but many people have not learned from it. People's awareness of safety is indeed one aspect, but there should be corresponding measures to protect such high -risk places in the construction site.
    It many construction sites to pursue profits and disregard the danger, letting workers go to a height, but there are no corresponding security measures. Behind the collapse of the construction site, it may often be to save costs. The materials for building a bracket do not meet the safety norms or the construction site construction does not meet technical specifications. The person in charge of the on -site responsible is not strictly inspected the actual construction status in accordance with the technical and safety specifications. It is hoped that this behavior of contempt for life will not happen again. The construction site should be tested on safety measures, not just to despise the lives of others to pursue profits.
    Mammers, brothers are often relatively low in cultural levels, and work in the construction site just to support the needs of family life. The fall of their lives means the tragedy of a family. They rely on their own power to support the family. If they have a misfortune, then the home is also a nightmare. So for them, we should love them to build a building with their own hands, and use our only abilities to benefit everyone.
    The salary they received is only limited, but their work is the most tiring. Many people are not so young. If it is not for the pressure of life, the heavy responsibility of the family, they will not choose to leave their hometown, come to strange cities, and work on the construction site on the construction site. This incident should be able to give you a warning. I hope that the owner of the construction site can adhere to their own conscience and do a good job of quality inspection. Do not cause the consequences of difficulty for the profit, and make a tragedy after another. You may just use money to compensate your family members, but can your heart really get peace? Because you do not destroy a person, but one family one after another.
    It the relevant government can attract high attention, severely investigate the cause of the accident, give corresponding punishments to illegal acts, protect the rights and interests of migrant workers, and do not let the tragedy happen again. Relevant departments must also do a good job of quality testing. Due to the quality standards to be completed in the construction site, we must strictly guard against death, and resolutely eliminate tragedies over and over again due to personal negligence or profits.

  2. Because the scaffolding did not follow the specification during installation, the lower part of the scaffold was loose and caused the collapse.

  3. This is a house made by a private boss. Many procedures are not available. You cannot install tower cranes. The transportation materials can only be used to use a hanging cage. In order to save money, use bamboo to set up an outer frame. The problem that the entire floor will collapse. A big problem with this time is that the floor support is not done well, and the support support is not done. The floor support is too dependent on the outer frame. In addition, it shakes a lot when it is inverted. The weight on the floor is too large and then poured out.
    If countries should prohibit this high -rise floor from using bamboo to support, and the floor is supported by wood.

  4. This incident is still under investigation. The specific cause of the accident has not yet come out. I personally think that it is likely that it is because of the use of a bamboo scaffolding with bamboo.

  5. Mainly because the grassroots of the scaffolding did not do the basic work of compacking and foundation in accordance with the relevant regulations of the construction safety, the tragedy caused.

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