Chairman of the US SEC: It will cooperate with Congress to regulate the cryptocurrency exchange

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  1. In supervision and hearing held by the House of Representatives, Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, told Democratic MP Mike Quigley that many cryptocurrencies meet the requirements of the Securities Law. Our institution is working hard to implement it. The law. But there are tens of thousands of tokens, we can only perform 75 actions. There are other tokens who are not compliant. Gensler wrote in his preparation testimony that SEC has always been consistent in communication with market participants. Those who raise funds or engaged in securities transactions with ICO must abide by the Federal Securities Law. Asset managers investing in these assets may also abide by the securities law. Gensler also reiterated the intention of cooperating with Congress to regulate the exchange. Gensler said that in recent weeks, the daily transaction volume ranges from $ 130 billion to $ 330 billion. However, because tokens are traded on unregistered cryptocurrency exchanges, these numbers have not been reviewed or reported to regulatory agencies. This is just one of many of these crypto asset markets.
    ical market
    As of press time, according to HUOBI Global data:
    BTC's recent transaction price is $ 39219.27, the daily decline is 1.19%; Fall 4.47%;
    BCH's recent transaction price was 760.13 US dollars, and the daily decline was 3.28%;
    BSV's recent transaction price was 181.13 US dollars, the daily decline was 3.06%;
    EOS recently The transaction price was US $ 6.38, the daily rose and decline 4.57%;
    LTC's recent transaction price was $ 198.25, the daily rose and decline 2.42%; Essence
    SEC chairman implies that cryptocurrencies will face more severe supervision
    Gary Gensler, chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, told parliamentarians on Wednesday that special purpose acquisition companies (Spac) and cryptocurrencies paid policies and investment Patients with serious problems. He said in a speech delivered by the committee of the House of Representatives to the House of Representatives: "I look forward to cooperating with other regulatory agencies and Congress to fill the gap in the protection of the cryptocurrency market in the field of investor protection." The financial platforms and other aspects all expressed concerns.
    Manian MPs proposed that the Ministry of Finance requires the Ministry of Finance to evaluate the digital dollar and digital RMB
    The U.S. Congress French Hill and Jim Himes to propose a bill, asking the US Treasury to evaluate the digital RMB, digital dollar, and actual US dollar in the United States. The role of global economy. The two -party bill is known as the "US dollar Act of the 21st Century" and will ask the Minister of Finance (Jennite Yellen) to submit a report to the Senate Banking Committee and the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee The efforts of formal digital currencies, including the People's Bank of China, and any risks brought by this effort to the national interests. Examination of charges
    Fed the Federal Reserve Director Quars: The U.S. Monetary Supervision Agency (OCC), Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for cryptocurrency supervision, including banks' cryptocurrency capital held by customers, Examination of charges. Previously, OCC, the Federal Reserve and FDIC were considering establishing a "cross -sector sprint group" for cryptocurrency supervision. N Canadian Deputy Governor Lian En said that he has not seen a powerful case of issuing central bank digital currencies, but the world is very rapid. BRIAN Brooks, Director of the Monetary Regulatory Administration (OCC) agent, believes that the United States will not issue digital dollars. Brook said that in the United States, this is even more discussion. .
    Blockchain applications
    Securities Times: Digital RMB will not replace third -party payment
    On May 27th, the securities report "Digital RMB will not replace third -party payment". The introduction of digital currency only represents the changes in the form of basic currency, that is, entering invisible digital currencies from tangible legal existing currency, entering a cashless society from a cash society, but the original currency management system will not change much. At the same time The payment channels and scenarios will not change, thereby determining that the third -party payment and commercial banks are still cooperative relationships. DCEP is still diversified and mutually compatible as the payment method. Channel.
    A digital euro of the European Central Bank may not be based on blockchain technology
    Sources say that the European Central Bank will almost complete a report on digital currency. The report will be submitted to the European Central Bank Management Commission At the meeting, it has reached an agreement on several key content. The European Central Bank is expected to decide the relevant plans at a July meeting. Trademark. Digital euro may be stored under the conventional account controlled by the European Central Bank. The cash in the personal digital wallet may be limited, and the possible upper limit is 3,000 euros. Digital euro may not be based on blockchain technology. R may be n Cryptocurrencies
    The United States Congress plans to re -introduce a series of cryptocurrencies and blockchain bills
    The US Democratic member Darren Soto is preparing a series of encrypted legislation to introduce Congress. On Tuesday, SOTO re -proposed the "Blockchain Technology Coordination Law" in front of the Energy and Business Commission. The bill aims to establish a new office in the Ministry of Commerce to manage the use of blockchain in the federal government. Members of the SOTO team said that SOTO also plans to re -introduce the "Digital Classification Law" and "Blockchain Innovation Law" later this week. Its team is also preparing to re -introduce the "US Virtual Currency Market and Regulatory Competitiveness Act" and the "Virtual Consumer Consumer Protection Act".
    MEC began reviewing Skybridge and Fidelity Bitter ETF ETF application
    If according to two documents from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the SEC has officially reviewed Skybridge and Bitcoin ETF applications. The other four Bitcoin ETFs have been reviewed before.
    "Wolf Wolf": It is studying how to "large -scale" entering the encryption market
    US billionaire and "Wall Street Wolf" Carl Icahn said that they are studying how to enter the crypto market.
    INEHD: Ethereum turns to POS or reduces GPU demand.
    INTEC said that the transformation of Ethereum to the equity certificate (POS) is a potential threat to the demand for graphics card (GPU).
    Paypal will allow customers to extract cryptocurrency
    The blockchain leader Jose Fernandez Da Ponte on the Internet Payment Company Paypal said on Wednesday that PayPal will allow users to extract cryptocurrencies into third -party wallets. At present, PayPal does not allow users to remove cryptocurrency assets out of the platform. The company will release new development results every two months, but it is unclear when it will provide withdrawal functions.
    Entical economic trends
    The probability of the Federal Reserve's interest rate in June of 0%-0.25%is 94%
    . According to CME "Fed Observation": the Federal Reserve maintains interest rates at 0%-0.25%in June The probability of the interval is 94%, and the probability of rating 25 basis points to 0.25%-0.50%is 6%; the probability of the maintenance rate in September of 0%-0.25%is 94%. 6%.
    Fed the Federal Reserve Director Quars: Discussion on interest rate hikes is also early
    Fed the Federal Reserve Director Quars that discussing interest rate hikes is still early. It is expected that the rapid growth of the United States in 2022 will slow down to a steady pace. Recent inflation expectations have risen is popular. Driven by temporary factors, inflation increased by more than 2 %. If the economy is strong, discussions began to reduce the scale of debt purchase at the upcoming meeting.

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