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  1. It means that the opening price of the day is the same as the closing price. When the stock price rose up, it was suppressed by the empty side, and the stock price was pulled up after falling, so it shows that the strength of the buyers and sellers is equivalent to the strength.
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    In general, the significance of the cross star guidance is not as important as the position of the cross star. The cross star appears in the low position:
    "If the end of the market decline, the stock price may have bottomed out. The probability of recent stock price rebound is relatively high. Conservative investors can wait for the situation to be clear before buying.
    The cross -star on the way to rising:
    Molying that the multi -party forces seemed to be weak when they rose, and they were temporarily resting. After the cross star appears, the market may be washing the market.
    High cross stars:
    also called "Star of Dusk", that is, after the stock price rises after a round, the multi -short part of the two parties have been played, but it is obvious that many parties have begun to make efforts, so it is a kind of top who is topped. Signals, the probability of decline in the market outlook is relatively high.
    What does the red Cross star in the end mean?
    The red censal star refers to the closing price of individual stocks and opening prices at the end of the market, that is, the empty power and multi -party forces are evenly matched on the day.
    The meaning of the Red Cross Star in the Red Cross, which represents different meanings.
    After a long decline in individual stocks, a Red Cross Star appeared at the bottom, which may be a kind of enlightenment star, indicating that after the individual stocks fell, the air power has been released. It indicates that the stock will end up and start the upward trend.
    After a long -term rising individual stocks, a red cross star appears at the top, which may be a dusk cross star, indicating that after the long -term rise of individual stocks, the multi -party forces are hopeless. The upcoming upward trend will start and start a downward trend. Among them, the longer the upper shadow line, the heavier the selling pressure, the longer the lower shadow line, which means that the buying is strong.
    ordinary cross star:
    is a form with only upper and lower shadow lines, no K -line entity. Because the opening price is the same as the closing price, this indicates that in the market transaction, the long and short force reaches a temporary balance. Although the stock price in the session is temporarily higher than or lower than the opening price, the closing price still returns to the opening price position, so that K. The cross -star trend appears.

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