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  1. In the domestic luxury car market, the competition of Mercedes -Benz and BMW Audi can be described as quite fierce, thus evolving into a "three -legged" trend. Li is still very huge. If you have more than 400,000 budgets and want to buy the medium -sized SUV of BBA, but I do n’t know how to choose, then I will take you to compare the BMW X3 -Audi Q5L -Benz GLC.
    The comparison, I chose the 2021 XDRIBE28i luxury set of BMW (instructed price 425,800), Audi 2020 45 TFSI enjoyment luxury sports type (guidance price 498,000), Mercedes -Benz 2020 GLC 300L The 4MATIC luxury type (guidance price 493,800) is compared to refer to the national terminal preferential amplitude. The final landing price of these three cars is not particularly large. A reference.
    The appearance: All of the family -style classic design
    These three SUV models use family -style classic design languages ​​in appearance design. The eyes of both sides are still the familiar "formula and taste", the Audi Q5L large -sized hexagonal chrome, and the well -known LED sharp headlights. What I am surprised is the Mercedes -Benz GLC, with a stars and matrix design of the front face, plus the huge logo standard inlaid, a "domineering side leakage" aura, which makes people feel exciting.
    The interior style has its own advantages, and Mercedes -Benz GLC still continues luxury
    The interior layout of the BMW X3 emphasizes practicality. Large -scale soft materials and solid materials are very grade. The design concept of the Audi Q5L virtual cockpit, the suspended LCD display plus the arrangement of the arrangement of the arrangement, has enhanced a bit of fashionable youth. Mercedes -Benz GLC continues the family -style luxury design. The use of the central control panel with chrome decoration is exquisite and comfortable to me.
    The body size: BMW X3 occupies disadvantages, Mercedes -Benz GLC is slightly better than
    The body size, BMW X3 length, width, height is 4717/1891/1689mm, the wheelbase is 2864mm, the Audi Q5L length and height They are: 4765/1893/1659mm, the wheelbase is 2908mm, and the Mercedes -Benz GLC length, width and height are: 4764/1898/1642mm, and the wheelbase is 2973mm. Compared with the comparison, BMW X3 bottom, Audi Q5L is the first.
    although the BMW X3 is not as good as the Audi Q5L and Mercedes -Benz GLC in terms of body size, it can be adjusted by the back seat of the back seat. On the whole However, the overall data is very close to the Mercedes -Benz GLC. At least sitting will not feel too crowded. The long wheelbase performance of the Mercedes -Benz GLC will provide a favorable guarantee for its space, and the sense of experience is also very comfortable.
    In in terms of power, BMW X3 is more driving fun
    . The power of BMW 2021 XDRIBE28i luxury set is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine. One -in -one gearbox, up to 224 horsepower, Audi 2020 45 TFSI enjoyment luxury sports type is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine. In terms of transmission, it matches the 7 -speed dual -clutch transmission, the maximum horsepower can be available For 252 horsepower, the Mercedes -Benz 2020 GLC 300L 4MATIC luxury model is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine. In terms of transmission, it matches the 9 -speed automatic transmission, with a maximum horsepower of 258 horsepower.
    In overall, these three models are equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine. Among them, the BMW X3 and Audi Q5L are timely four -wheel drive, and Mercedes -Benz GLC is a full -time four -wheel drive, but it is worth mentioning. BMW X3 benefits from the more sporty chassis adjustment. As far as actual control is concerned, the BMW X3 is better.
    Summary: These three luxury medium -sized SUVs all have their own characteristics. If you usually like to drive, choose the BMW X3. If you pay attention to family practicality and cost -effective, you can choose Audi Q5L. If you pay attention to space and luxury luxury Feeling, Mercedes -Benz GLC is also a very good choice.
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