3 thoughts on “How to comfort her when my girlfriend loses her stock”

  1. The risk of the field itself is very high. This is the case for business or securities investment. Now that you come to this field, you must bear the joy and pain caused by profit and loss.
    The sadness can't solve any problems, just want to open it. Since this virtual field risk can't bear it, then if you put it in actual investment, don't you have a loss of blood? Shi Yuzhu has not lived in so many hundreds of millions of people? People are not the same as the same; when they are young, what are tens of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands, they have no money, but they can earn it again. At least it is their own money. Is it worthy of being fortunate?

    The losses are harvested. The money is lost. What you get is the mentality and the experience of life. Isn't it the same?

    How to lose, as long as you eat and drink, you can drink it.

    The I have experienced what she has experienced. I am not the same. I am not the same. I forgot to the past. Looking forward to the future, at least we are young, live, healthy, and complain? Complaining is useless, isn't it? Check it up, accept the new round of the sun tomorrow!

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