2 thoughts on “What to eat for dogs to get fat”

  1. Dogs eat some high nutritional foods to gain weight quickly.
    , such as nutritious dog food, occasionally feed some cooked chicken breasts and beef, and appropriately supplement some vitamins. In addition to dog food, you also need to be fed regularly every day to avoid the dog body consumption. If the dog is picky, it is best to take it to a pet hospital for examination, if there are parasitic infections, gastroenteritis, etc.
    Puper puppies can give dogs a nutritious dog food, occasionally eat some broth, cooked meat and other supplementary foods to increase weight to the dog. Do not give the dogs with some greasy, high salt content, and food with spices, which will stimulate the dog's gastrointestinal tract and affect the dog's absorption. It is also necessary to repeat the dogs regularly to prevent excessive parasites in the dog's body, which will cause the dog's gastrointestinal absorption function to weaken, and nutrition cannot be absorbed better.

  2. It must be cooked every day with carrots, otherwise the dog's stomach can not be absorbed. The salt in the vegetables is best not put, or a small amount.

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