Pet dogs below 100 yuan?

My dog ​​lost me to buy a dog (so sad) and introduce several pet dogs of less than 150 yuan?

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  1. There are many dogs under 150 yuan, which depends on the type of dogs.
    The people who like the more lovely Volkswagen choose Bomei, butterfly dog, and my brother.
    The is also available cards, bullfighting, etc., and the popularity is relatively high.
    But the above dog breed needs to change hair in spring and autumn. Be careful to take care of your clothes ...
    The price of the purebred pets of Chihuahua and butterflies is generally about 500.
    Table cards, Big Brother, Deer Dog's price is relatively low for about 100 yuan.
    Yorkxia, Bi Xiong, mini Sherry, VIPs,
    The body size of the west height and white, Beinton and so on.
    It can be said that it is not dripping!
    The wears of hair is required to ensure beauty.
    3-4 times a year is fine. Pulling out the turnout rate is very high!
    Yorkxia needs to sort the hair every day to keep it smooth to show beauty.
    The VIP and Sherry (refers to the mini -type snow) can spend less thoughts.
    Prinkers need to look at the amount of hair and shoulder height, and the bitch is dangerous to produce. Relative to mini snow is relatively skinny.
    This than Xiong has higher requirements for hair volume.
    The west height white is also better, that is, the little white dog running in the "perfect day" of Sun Yanzi sings "The perfect day", and the small white dog is very cute. High popularity and good personality.
    Blington is a new pet. The popularity is not very high, but it is absolutely suitable for pulling out, and it is more suitable for
    Is to VIPs, choose chocolate or red, which is more expensive and brings a certain economic value. Good VIPs need to look at the amount of hair and shoulder height. It is not available to the amateur. Generally, it is a VIP with a black and white champagne of about 100 yuan. VIPs are also more nervous.
    It Sherry, the current popularity of salt and pepper is relatively high, and black silver and black are also very personal choices. The price of mini Sherry is about 100, which is good. Relatively skinny. It is recommended not to buy 50 snow. There are many problems. There are many main defects and genetic instability. The female dog is docile, sticky, and the male dog is relatively lively, cute, and a very individual choice.

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